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How to Pick the Right Metal Roof Colour

How to Pick the Right Metal Roof Colour

Choosing a colour for your new metal roof is an incredible feeling, especially now that you have more options than ever before. The metal roofing colours you choose will have a big impact on the overall look and feel of your house. With the seemingly endless metal roof colour options, the process can feel overwhelming. This article will help you visualize and compare the most common steel roofing colour schemes and alternatives available to you as a homeowner. We’ll also look at the functional and aesthetic aspects of various colours.

Roof Colour Based on The Style of Your Home

The colour of the metal roofing you choose should complement the overall design of your home. Choose a colour that complements all of the exterior design elements of your home, such as the siding, doors, windows, landscaping, and so on. Remember that a metal roof will keep its original colour for many years, so choose a colour that you will enjoy for many years to come.  As a general rule, select a roof colour that complements the current hues of your home, which will create a cohesive and balanced appearance. Tip: When you find a colour you like, examine it at different times during the day as the colour will look different in the morning, during the day and at night.

Another factor to consider when deciding on the best Winnipeg metal roof colour is the architectural style of your home or property. Before committing to a colour, research the architectural style of your home and look at the colour options that match. 

Achieve Desired Effects With Any Roof Color

Steel roof colours are nearly limitless these days, so you must decide what impact you want to achieve with the colour of your roof. Choosing a coloured metal roofing that contrasts with the colour of your house’s siding or brick can help your home stand out and catch people’s attention right away. Choosing complementary colours, on the other hand, will result in a monochromatic scheme with a more traditional look and feel. Another option is to go for an ultra-modern bare metal style. Stainless steel, Galvalume, titanium, aluminium, copper, zinc, and other exotic metals have a natural distinctive hue that distinguishes them and may assist you in creating a stunning and one-of-a-kind appearance for your home.

It’s also worth noting that the contrast between dark and light colours has a big impact on the overall look of your home. If your roof is low or has a shallow slope, a lighter-colored roof will make your property appear taller. A darker colour, on the other hand, may make a tall roof look less intimidating.

Steps To Choosing The Best Metal Roofing Colour

  1. Decide on the type of metal roof you want (certain colours look best with different styles)
  2. Look through colour palettes and photo collection
  3. Examine local manufacturers available metal roof colours and designs
  4. If struggling choosing a colour, try and get a visual idea of colour selections
  5. Consult with a contractor or architect and come to a final decision

Energy Efficiency Metal Roof Colours

Because the colour of your roof has a significant impact on how energy-efficient your home is, keeping this in mind will help you save money on your monthly electricity bill.

Roofs with lighter colours reflect the heat of the sun significantly better than roofs with darker colours. If you live in an area with a lot of sun and a warm climate, go with a light-coloured metal like white, a lighter bronze, beige, light green, light blue, or a silver. A lighter roof colour will protect your home from unpleasant heat while also lowering your monthly energy costs by up to 20%-30% and relieving the strain on your air conditioning systems during the summer.

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