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What is the Cheapest Metal Roofing?

What is the Cheapest Metal Roofing?

Metal roofing is not one size fits all. And metal roofing costs are especially not all the same either. There are many different styles and materials to choose from. The most common types of metal roofing on today’s market includes:

  • Aluminum Roofs
  • Copper Roofing
  • Corrugated Metal Roof
  • Metal Tile Roofs
  • Metal Slate Roofs
  • Standing Seam Metal Roofs
  • Steel Roofs
  • Tin Roofing
  • Zinc Metal Roof

Depending on the type of steel roofing, metal roofing costs in 2022 can range from $3.10 to $29.65 per square foot. Because of its longer life span, sturdiness, low maintenance, and high return on investment, having metal roof panels up on the roof can be advantageous if you are looking for a long-term investment. Depending on the type of metal chosen, your metal roof can last for 50 to 80 years.

Below we’ll discuss the pricing of each type of metal roof, so you have a better understanding of what is the cheapest metal roofing vs the most expensive metal roof. It’s good to remember that the price shouldn’t be the sole factor in the type of steel roof you choose. Talk to your local roofing contractors, like Winnipeg Metal Roofing in Winnipeg Manitoba, to see which roof is best for your requirements, price included. 

Metal Roof TypesAverage Installation CostCost per Square FootCost per Square (100 sq.ft.)
Metal Shingles$5,000 to $15,000$5.25 to $12.50$525 to $1,250
Aluminum Shingles$9,000 to $27,000$3 to $9$300 to $900
Copper Roofing$30,000 to $54,000$10 to $18$1,000 to $1,800
Corrugated Steel$10,500 to $19,500$3.50 to $6.50$350 to $650
Standing Seam Metal$24,000 to $42,000$8 to $14$800 to 1,400
Steel Shingles$18,000 to $36,000$6 to $12$600 to $1,200
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